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Founded in 2018, Dexly is a platform on which traders can trade all popular financial instruments such as cryptocurrency, forex and CFD.

Dexly offers cross-platform trading through the website, a mobile application that provides access to a high level order book for the leading instruments on the market.

Instantly buy and sell assets through a simplified platform interface.

Various payment options and 24/7 support are accompanied by a time-tested, stable platform that guarantees the safety of assets and data.

The first thing you need to do is create an account on the Dexly trading platform. After registration, the username and password you created will be sent to your email. Log in to the trading platform using your username and password.

Before you start trading on a real account – practice on a demo account.

A demo account is a special account that allows you to explore all the features of the markets. Please note that the funds on this account will not be real, but virtual. In this way, you can learn from your mistakes without having to worry about the money spent.

Use technical indicators and trading strategies to open deals in financial markets.

To start trading on Dexly, you need to fund your account. Deposits are possible using cryptocurrencies.

To deposit funds into the platform, please read these instructions.

The platform accepts payments only in crypto currency. This allows us to set the lowest trading fees. Also, the verification procedure is optional.

You can deposit your account with a credit card using these instructions.

To start trading, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to the trading platform and make sure that the funds have been credited to a real account. Here you can learn how to transfer funds between accounts.
  2. Return to the main page of the trading platform and select the currency pair you want to trade (for example, BTC / USD, where you buy bitcoins for dollars).
  3. Click on the selected currency pair. The window for opening an order will open.
  4. Choose an order type, order size and price. To simplify, you can choose a market order that will be executed at the current market price.
  5. Once you have selected the order type, size and price, click on “Buy” or “Sell“.

For more information, we recommend reading the articles from the Trading Platform section.

To withdraw cryptocurrency, go to the withdrawal page. Select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, e.g. Bitcoin, fill in the required fields:

  1. The account from which the funds will be withdrawn (e.g. btc.)
  2. Amount of funds to be sent
  3. Enter the address to which the funds will be sent

After entering all parameters, your request will be created and sent for processing. Requests are processed manually within 24 hours.

After withdrawal, you can exchange the cryptocurrency for currency using special exchange offices.